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All about BJ Penn

BJ Penn is a semi retired Mixed Martial Artist from the United States of America and is one of the most well known fighters in the lighter weight divisions of the sport in the world.

He is currently under contract with Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC, where he has been a winner of two championship belts in two different weight classes – Lightweight and Welterweight.

Dana White, the president of the UFC cites the influence of Penn as greater than most in making the lighter divisions of the UFC as well as Mixed Martial Arts in general a real draw and breaking the cliché that only heavier fighters can make it to the main event of the pay per view events in the sport. Having won two titles in tow different weight divisions in the UFC, BJ Penn became only the second person in the history of the sport to have achieved that feat.

Penn was the most competitive and is arguably the greatest fighter the Lightweight division has seen and during his reign as the UFC Lightweight champion, he was on a run of eight years unbeaten, which is a record in the division. Penn has been hailed for his toughness as a fighter, having shown the willingness to go up several weight classes to take on fighters he deemed were the best in the world during a specified time.

As a result, BJ Penn has fought in several weight divisions apart from Lightweight and Welterweight, mainly in Middleweight and Light Heavyweight. His tendency to get the best out of any situation has earned him the nickname The Prodigy and it has been a nickname that Penn has had no trouble of living up to over the years, making him a contender for a UFC Hall of Fame spot.