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Carlos Condit could face Nick Diaz

Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC’s Welterweight fighter Carlos Condit doesn’t know what the promotion has in store for him in the future, especially after he lost his last match to Johnny Hendricks at UFC 158 to hand the American a chance to take on the reigning UFC Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre for a shot at the title.

The Mexican-American stated after that loss to Hendricks that he wanted to take some time off to work on his wrestling skills before he signed on for the next match.

However, if Malki Kawa, the manager of Condit, has any kind of say on the future of his career, then he might just be heading for a rematch against one of his old nemeses, Nick Diaz. Speaking to The MMA Hour, Kawa stated that Condit is working on his wrestling skills at this moment and he is working hard to hone his skills in that particular department. And while it is important for his client to develop his skills, Kawa is also pushing for Carlos Condit to get the best fights in the best pay per view events.

According to Kawa, he wants Condit to get some of the biggest names inside the UFC Octagon and stated that he is hoping to land the biggest fights for his client. And although Kawa didn’t mention who he would love for his client to take on, he did mention that there are a couple of names that have been floated to the UFC officials and also to Condit and all they can do now is wait and see.

Carlos Condit took on Nick Diaz at UFC 143 back in 2012 and he defeated the wild child of the UFC via a unanimous decision to keep hold of the interim UFC Welterweight Championship too.