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Junior dos Santos has no interest in taking on Overeem

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos has no desire to take on The Demolition Man Alistair Overeem anymore. Back in 2012, the two top Heavyweight fighters at that time were set to go head to head against each other for the UFC Heavyweight Championship that was held by the Brazilian at that time.

The Brazilian was the top fighter in the division at that time and had cut down any opposition put in front of him at that time. The Dutchman, on the other hand, was on an 11 fight winning streak as well and had made a highly impressive debut in the UFC by knocking out Brock Lesnar, another former UFC Heavyweight champion.

The scheduled bout at UFC 146 was one of the most anticipated bouts of all time with two of the most revered hitters in the Heavyweight division set to go head to head.

Unfortunately for the fans, the Dutchman failed a pre-fight dope test and was sidelined from that fight against Junior dos Santos. And while fans are still intrigued about the outcome of any future battle between them, the Brazilian is definitely not amongst those.

According to dos Santos, the Dutchman was put in his place by Antonio ‘Big Foot’ Silva and added that he doesn’t have the desire to take him on anymore. But he also admitted that he fights any fighter the UFC puts in front of him.

The Brazilian also expressed his disregard for fighters who are put together in the laboratory. Junior dos Santos stated that only the fighters who don’t believe in their abilities do things such as dope and effectively ruled out a potential fight against Alistair Overeem any time in the future and is concentrating on taking on Cain Velasquez for the UFC Heavyweight Championship.