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Josh Koscheck says that he plans on winning against Georges St. Pierre and walking away with the title. "This is the biggest fight of my life," Koscheck said. "I think it gives me a huge advantage that I got to fight Georges St. Pierre early in my career. This time around Georges St. Pierre is gonna see a different fighter. He's gonna see a fighter who has tenacity to come out and finish fights."

An alumni from the first season of The Ultimate Fighter, Koscheck has over the years transformed himself from a one dimensional wrestler to an all-around mixed martial artist. He believes the best version of Josh Koscheck yet will be on display when he and St. Pierre lock horns for the second time.

"The evolution of Josh Koscheck as a fighter has definitely come 360," he said. "I'm the type of person who doesn't try to look past the opportunity that I have today to become a better fighter. This Josh Koscheck now, 2010, he knows a lot more about fighting."