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Brock Lesnar has officially retired from the UFC last month and has put his WWE career to an end.

However, he has left quite an impact in the years he has served as a wrestler and there are quite a number who want him to return back and play his game. There has been quite a bit of rumor recently that Brock Lesnar might however rejoin and make special appearances in a few selected matches at the WWE and this has raised the hopes of quite a number of fans.

There have been many who even expect Heyman to be a part of this entry package, but all rumors against Heyman have been shunned off by Vince McMahon. There has still not been any formal and official declaration stating that Brock Lesnar will not appear and many are taking the benefit of doubt to their advantage.

The main reason why Brock Lesnar retired and left the UFC was mainly due to health and family reasons. These are quite genuine and valid reasons and keeping these reasons in mind, it might be difficult to actually see him come back. If he was true in his decision while retiring and if his reasons were genuine indeed, people really find it difficult to accept the fact that he will return back.

However, one can never predict what might happen in wrestling and most of the decision and changes are made n lieu of attracting larger crowd and audience and improving the TRP’s of the show. After all, wrestling is quite an entertaining show and the entire crowd and profit comes from it being so popular in the entertainment industry.

Many feel that the timing for Brock Lesnar’s entry at this stage might not be suited well especially since he left for family and health reasons. Few years down the line, having him back would be a brilliant call and this would eventually raise the TRP’s and the publicity as well.

However, one cannot actually come to proper conclusions and decisions when they are dealing with Vince McMahon, who is an amazing businessman and can convince whoever he feels like into joining the show. Time will only tell who is right and who is wrong and till then all eyes are on Vince Mc Mahon and Brock Lesnar to see each of their individual moves and decisions at every juncture.