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New Dimension in Columbia

A martial arts expo is soon to be organized by Hockman's ATA Martial Arts in Columbia during this summer season. This local chain of training centers is going to get a contribution of $7,500 from the Columbia Convention and Visitors Bureau's Sports Development Fund.

Megan McConachie, Web and communications manager for the bureau has given the basic breakup of the money allotted and that includes $per cent lodging tax portions in motels and hotels in Columbia. The funds allotted has helped he tournament to get a boost.

The organizing committee will be able to include ju-jitsu as one of the events, one of the most popular Martial Arts to be honored as a sport. The reason behind this allocation of money is due to the hope to make the program successful; so that more people drop in and be a part of the venture. Jeff Hockman, the co-owner of the Hockman’s chain has decided to use some of the money for the promotion of the tournament. He is a sixth-degree black belt and looks forward to a huge participation and audience.

Hockman has set up the fixture already which shows the opening of the tournament will be with Brazilian jiu-jitsu, the following day being a taekwondo competition and that will take place in divisions, viz. form, sparring and weapons competition. The participation has been restricted to only the members of the American Taekwondo Association who are 3 or older.

The main attraction of this martial arts tournament is that there is almost no age bar in terms of participation so the audience can witness a wonderful venture with small kids playing around to big professionals or lovers of the sport to do a kick-or-two. The event aims out in finding the real talent amongst the participants.