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NH Dojo Shines in Comp

Twenty-six students representing New Hampshire’s Dojo Combative Martial Arts program participated in a National Promoters League International competition Aug. 21 at the West Jupiter Recreation Center.

Every student placed among the top four in their age divisions. The school won three Grand Champion trophies.

Top performers were: Nicholas Sistarelli (Grand Champion, Weapons), Kayla Sistarelli (Grand Champion, Weapons), Miguel Bartolome (Grand Champion, Traditional Kata), Miles Tyler McGrew, Chris Hixon, Allen Ritchey, Amber Gonzalez, Mike Sevilla, William Hills, Zach Hills, Anthony LaSala, Joshua Tenore, Joseph Tenore, Cameron Anderson, Legend Dodd, Olivia Dodd, Cheryl Karlson, Dustin Karlson, Trisha Pease, Buster Shaw, Emily Gately, Steel Gately, Collin Dropchuck, Lilah Fulwood, Barry Goldstein, Christopher LaSala, Tom Evans, Bill Hills and Franc Marconi.