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St. Pierre has been adviced to target Silva after Shields is dealt with. It’s this philosophy that has seen St. Pierre travel the globe in pursuit of becoming the most complete mixed martial artist that he can be. In dedication to his evolutionary quest, St. Pierre sought the advice of boxing’s leading trainer Freddie Roach (pictured with St. Pierre, right). No coincidence then that it was the most advocated weapon in a pugilist’s arsenal – the jab – that provided the key to his superiority last Saturday.

It’s also this philosophy that ensures the Canadian meticulously follows the game plan studiously devised by himself and trainer Greg Jackson. The pair expected a more diligently prepared Josh Koscheck than the one St. Pierre surprisingly out-wrestled in 2007. They were ready for Koscheck to show greater resilience against the takedown this time around, and when that proved to be the case, St. Pierre simply schooled the Pennsylvanian on the feet instead.