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Rashad Evans and Chael Sonnen set to battle it out

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Light Heavyweight Championship holder Rashad Evans and former two division contender Chael Sonnen have been confirmed as opponents in the Light Heavyweight Division at UFC 167 in the co-main event which is scheduled to take place on the 16th of November at Las Vegas in Nevada.

And after the match was confirmed by the officials of the UFC this week, Evans spoke to several outlets and couldn’t hide his excitement about the fight. He stated that he is really excited about the fight, adding to have a fighter in front of him who motivates him to train, inspires him to work to best of his capabilities so that the fight will become easier is something that he hasn’t done in quite a while.

He also went on to mention that the sole motivating factor in his fight against the American is that he cannot afford to lose to him – mentioning that Chael Sonnen is one fighter he cannot afford to lose against. Both Sonnen and Evans are known to let their mouths run freely before a match in a series of verbal assaults before a fight and fans are already salivating at the prospect of these two famed trash talkers going head to head against each other.

However, there might be a challenge posed to the trash being exchanged between the two fighters with Rashad Evans and Chael Sonnen developing a close relationship with each other over time since joining hands as presenters on UFC Tonight.
Evans stated that he will try and keep the trash talking above the belt, adding that he will keep all the fight talk related to the fight and not make it personal. He mentioned that he is extremely eager to getting inside the cage against the American Gangster.