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Many styles of martial arts are practiced in the world, and the purpose and moves of each style are different. Some styles are centuries old while others are developed in the last few years. A potential beginner can select the type of style that catches his interest more.

Boxing is a world-famous martial arts style in which the opponents attack by throwing punches at each other. To defend themselves opponents use only their hands because attack or defence using your legs is not allowed. The major difference between Boxing and other martial arts styles such as Karate and Tae Kwon Do is kicking. Kicking is allowed in Karate and Tae Kwon Do but not permitted in Boxing. One important addition in the rule is that the boxer should not hit the opponent who has fallen down.

Inspired from Karate and Boxing, Kickboxing is similar to boxing but allows kicking. The first bout was organized in the 1970s.

Judo is the famous Japanese sport that was introduced by Jigoro Kano. This martial arts style originated from Ju-Jitsu, and focuses on taking your opponent to the ground by throwing or tripping and then making him immovable by putting locks or pins. It is a great sport if you want to stay fit and flexible.

Wrestling is recognized as the famous and oldest sport. Examples of this martial art can also be seen in the cave paintings which suggest that this style may be 15,000 or more years old. The most common moves in wrestling are ground fighting and takedowns. Some other styles of martial arts such as Sambo and Judo are based on wrestling because these styles also involve the concept of throws and takedowns.